structured note

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Structured note

A derivative investment that will change in value with movements of an underlying index; or a note whose issuer makes swap arrangements to alter its required cash flows.
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Structured Note

A debt security attached to a derivative of any sort. The derivative may be an option on stock in the company issuing the note or a security that tracks some index. A structured note aims to gives both the holder and the issuer a great deal of flexibility; for this reason they are usually very complex. As a result they are marketed to investors thought to be "sophisticated."
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structured note

A medium-term derivative debt security that has one or more special features such as an interest payment based on an equity index, a foreign exchange index, or a benchmark interest rate. Issuers of structured notes often hedge these securities with their own transactions in the derivatives market. Structured notes tend to be complex and are aimed primarily at sophisticated investors.
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Operating across five continents, Halo is a global, independent Financial Technology platform that has dramatically disrupted and democratized the Structured Note marketplace.
The senior unsecured notes will be issued through SIBTC's updated NGN150 billion structured note programme.
Reportedly, these notes are issued under Danske Bank's EUR5,000,000,000 Structured Note Programme dated 19 June 2018.
The bank said is was also seeking shareholder approval for a $12.5 billion medium term note program, a $1 billion structured note program and a 1.5 billion Australian dollars debt issuance program.
Qatar First Bank (Public) (QFB) has launched the 'Ijarah Aviation Structured Note' to meet the increasing appetite of local and regional investors seeking innovative investment opportunities.
Qatar First Bank (QFB), a leading Shariah-compliant lender, has launched 'Ijarah Aviation Structured Note' to meet the rising appetite of local and regional investors in a relatively "stable" sector, offering an annualised 9% cash returns, to be paid quarterly.
Summary: Using the Structured Note Methodology to Rate CDO Combo-Notes
In order to create a structured note, a bank issuer combines a zero-coupon bond with financial derivatives, such as put and call options or futures contracts and swap agreements.
In Tokyo, the company tends to do more debt issuances with complex interest rate features, as part of a structured note program, and those are subject to special rules in Statement no.
For example, you can buy a structured note to get into a foreign or international market without hiring a consultant, a global custodian or an expensive investment manager.
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has launched a second Shari'ah compliant investment structured note for the year, which is linked to a basket of blue chip companies from diversified sectors and with overweight focus on the healthcare industry.
Web-based dictation lets physicians dictate directly into a structured note in the patient's medical record.

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