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"And we were blamed for it, of course, and it was the end of our career in Belgium, Holland, Germany and France for four years!" Emerging during the late-Seventies, The Stranglers have out-lived many of their punk and post-punk peers, racking up hit after hit into the 1980s with such tracks as Peaches, Golden Brown and No More Heroes.
When did The Stranglers realise that they had something special?
Each additional test would mean the erosion of DNA evidence, and Conley credited Hayes in part for Thursday's major development in the Boston Strangler case.
Lorenzo Gilyard, known as the Kansas City Strangler, is alleged to have killed 13 women.
Police are considering the theory that the strangler drugged his victims before killing them.
Smuggling: Strangler Billy Stewart' Drugs racket: Saughton prison
Karate black belt Jean-Jaques Burnel was a classical guitarist who, after Johnny Sox disbanded, hooked up with Cornwell and Black to start the Stranglers, named after the Boston Strangler.
3MEN+Black formed in 2001 with a line-up that included JJ Brunel of The Stranglers and Bruce Foxton, from The Jam.
There's also debut turns from Lulu, The Stranglers, Paul Young, Eddi Reader, Lisa Stansfield, Bjorn Again, Primitives and Black Box, plus Phill Jupitus, Jimeoin and Emmanuel Sonubi on the comedy stage.