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Straightness [C.sup.S] measures how much the shortest paths from a node to all others deviate from the virtual straight lines (Euclidean distances) connecting them.
In each test, a series displacement (front-back) was conducted to validate the linear (horizontal and vertical straightness) and angular deviations (yaw and pitch).
Innovative holemaking technology reduces cycle times, improves tool life, and reduces Total Indicated Runout, which affects hole diameter and straightness. Engineers at Allied Machine (] have developed tools to reduce TIR, enabling improved hole size and straightness.
Because of its rigidity and straightness, mat-formed wood particleboard was selected as the corestock for the fine hardwood veneers.
"HEAT also provides an over 60 percent improvement in part accuracy and straightness over competitive technologies in comparison to the same number of machining passes."
And they respect my straightness as I respect them.
"Most of the downtown bars are geared toward straight people, they reaffirm straightness and gender roles, and it's a touristic experience for people, a safe experience cast as something exotic and gay that really reflects comforting (straight) gender roles.
Results are compiled by a computerised display unit that performs a straightness measurement in two axes--results are displayed graphically.
Whether you want soft, bouncy curls or crisply ironed straightness, this magic gadget delivers.
To ensure high-quality printing, those tubes must meet stringent requirements for surface smoothness, roundness and straightness at micron-levels.
Acquire a 20-fold reduction in the manufacturing tolerance for barrel straightness.
Quick and precise measurements of machinery rail straightness, parallelism, surface flatness, and Other alignments are now possible with this versatile new kit.