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A rarely used unit of length in the U.S. system equal to five and a half feet.


A linear unit of measurement equal to 161/2 feet.

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Larger variations, such as every five or six meters, may not be picked up by the straightedge, but they could be felt by the driver of a car traveling at the standard speed limit of about 90 kilometers per hour.
The human wreckage makes the shows in Liverpool great: skate rats, BMX art fags, hardcore kroosh-meisters, fairies, swampys, babies, brown cord types, princesses, potheads, midgets, drug fiends and straightedge goons, town bikes, fatties, skinnys, long hairs, short hairs, and no hairs
The two lessons that I've used very successfully are: (1) Abstracts, discussing organic free-flowing shapes as opposed to straightedge geometric shape and (2) Adinkra Symbols, displaying several with their meaning and encouraging students to create a "personal symbol" that tells me something about them.
The line was reasonably straight, obviously generated by eyeballing rather than with the aid of a straightedge or chalk line, and it becomes an endearing exercise of gesture, the occasional tiny holes where pushpins were moved showing like erased lines in a drawing.
With utility knife and straightedge, cut a 5- by 18-inch rectangle; try not to lift the blade or move the straightedge as you cut.
To determine this, put a short straightedge across a board; if you see daylight under the straightedge, the boards are, indeed curling.
Straightedge shapes can be masked out with paper and masking tape directly on the painting, but only over a previously painted surface.
Werner's group photographs the shadow falling from a straightedge suspended over the ripples.
If it's a flattop gas block, I just lay a straightedge on top and align it with the flattop upper receiver.
among fans of hardcore punk music) having an ascetic or abstinent lifestyle: he's so straightedge that he won't even take Tylenol when he has a headache.
Place a long straightedge across the drywall joint to make sure it is not too high.
Using ruler or wood strip as a straightedge, fold the top band over and flatten (c).