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A rarely used unit of length in the U.S. system equal to five and a half feet.
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A linear unit of measurement equal to 161/2 feet.

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Some 30 years later the Poncelet-Steiner theorem has stated that all the constructions that can be made using a straightedge and a compass can be carried out using a straightedge only, provided that a circle is given with the location of its center.
* Inscribing a regular heptagon in a circle: Construct a regular heptagon (seven-sided polygon) with compass and straightedge only.
The straightedge movement began as a faction of the Washington DC punk culture in the late 1970s, and is characterized by an often militant opposition to drug and alcohol use, smoking, promiscuous sex, and the consumption and abuse of animals.
The tool list is quite straightforward too -a pipe and cable detector, a straightedge, a pencil, a spirit level, safety goggles, a power drill and a screwdriver.
The T-square is a long straightedge that derives its name from its shape, Figure 1-1.
Using a straightedge and spirit level to check that the whole area is level is also advised.
We begin by connecting, via a ruler or straightedge, three key digrams (pairs of letters) shown in boldface: oc (Upper Line 14), em (Upper Line 5), and et (Upper Line 2).
(5) In his article "Nailed to the X: A Lyrical History of the Straightedge Youth Subculture," Robert Wood has expanded our understanding of straight edge with his content analysis of 600 straight-edge songs performed across two decades.
A yardstick, meterstick, or some other straightedge is also useful.
The data were collected by three processes: (1) Dipstick[R], (2) a photographic method, and (3) a straightedge used to collect rut depths.
(1.) Even calibrations that use "self-calibration" methods, e.g., straightedge reversal using aa indicator, require uncertainty statements since the uncertainty of the iadicator must be assessed.