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The person or company that owns a share in a publicly-traded company or a mutual fund. The share represents a certain (usually very small) percentage of ownership in the company or the securities underlying the fund. Thus, a stockholder has the right to receive a portion of the company's profits in the form of dividends, and, depending on the type of share, may have a right to vote on matters pertaining to corporate governance. A person or company becomes a stockholder on the record date, that is, on the date that the share was bought. A stockholder is also known as a shareholder.


Persons who own shares of a corporation. As a matter of convention, persons who own shares in large, publicly traded corporations are called stockholders and persons who own shares of small, subchapter S-corporations are called shareholders. Technically, though, the two names are interchangeable.

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Two other factors weigh in favor of retaining S status: tax-free distributions of accumulated S income can still be made to stockholders and S corporations are not subject to the AET.
Gartzke and Sales) approved the proposed merger and recommends that all ADESA stockholders vote "FOR" the adoption and approval of the merger agreement and the merger.
Many taxpayers have redemption agreements under which the corporation agrees to purchase the stock of a deceased stockholder.
In connection with the proposed merger with Jazz and the required stockholder approval, Acquicor has filed a definitive proxy statement on Schedule 14A with the SEC that was first mailed to its stockholders on February 1, 2007.
We urge all Phoenix stockholders to vote for Ramius nominees John Mutch and Philip Moyer in the upcoming election," added Smith.
b) provide to Continental, along with the stock certificate and stock power, a written certificate addressed to Terra Nova and signed by the Converting Stockholder to the effect that: (i) the Converting Stockholder was a holder of record as of the Record Date for purposes of the special meeting of stockholders, (ii) the Converting Stockholder has held the shares the Converting Stockholder seeks to convert since the Record Date, (iii) the Converting Stockholder will continue to hold the shares through the closing date of the merger, and (iv) the Converting Stockholder wishes to convert his shares into a pro rata share of the trust account.
Stockholders of Cold Spring are advised to read, when it becomes available, Cold Spring's proxy statement in connection with Cold Spring's solicitation of proxies for the special stockholder meeting at which the stockholders will be asked to approve, among other things, the SDP acquisition, because it will contain important information.
In evaluating the rights plan, the board considered a wide variety of factors bearing on the company and its stockholders including, among other factors, the company's current stockholder base, stockholder views about rights plans and the company's other available protections against abusive takeover practices.
Any statements made regarding the proposed merger transaction between CNS and GSK, the expected timetable for completing the transaction, the satisfaction of closing conditions, timing or satisfactory receipt of regulatory or CNS stockholder approvals, future products or market growth, and any other statements regarding CNS' future expectations, beliefs, goals or prospects are forward-looking statements which are subject to risks and uncertainties.
Our decision to terminate the stockholder rights plan and establish this new policy reflects the Board's continuing commitment to corporate governance best practices," said Michael Cannon, Solectron's President and Chief Executive Officer.
Tripos' Board of Directors has approved the transaction and recommends that Tripos' stockholders approve the transaction at a special meeting of stockholders at a date to be determined.
The reinvestment of distributions in additional shares of the Fund does not relieve stockholders of any federal, state or local taxes which may be payable (or required to be withheld on distributions).