stock right

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Stock right

Another terminology for a stock option.

Stock Right

1. See: Right.

2. Less commonly, a term for a stock option.

stock right

See right.
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providing limited tolling of the expiration of the Stock Right if the exercise would violate securities laws.
The notice provides specific guidance for account balance plans, reasonable ascertainable amounts under nonaccount balance plans, and stock rights.
Poison pills" are contingent stock rights that are incorporated into a stock certificate or distributed as a dividend, which serve to enable a corporation to defend itself against an unsolicited tender offer.
422-2(e)(2), which provides that if there was a good-faith attempt to set the exercise price of a stock right at a price not less than the stock's FMV at the time it was granted, such exercise price will be treated as being not less than FMV.
The preamble to the proposed regulations suggests that whenever the terms of the stock agreement or those of the plan under which the right is granted provide the plan administrator with a general power to modify the terms of outstanding grants of stock rights, none of the grants will be excluded from treatment as deferred compensation under Sec.
the related stock's holding period "tacks on" to the stock right, under Sec.
This morning's positive earnings surprise has pushed the stock right up to the top of its trading range.
The shareholder rights plan will be implemented by the issuance of one preferred stock right (a "Right") for each outstanding share of Newport News common stock.
This morning's gap higher on the analyst upgrade has taken the stock right up to the upper end of this range.
This optimistic reading of investor sentiment conflicts with the short interest, making it hard to read the stock right now.
I believe our company stock right now is one of the most undervalued, under priced stocks in the entire market.
Presidio Bank (NASDAQ: PDOB), a Bay Area-based business bank, has announced the completion of its previously announced 1,000,000 share common stock rights offering.