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Stock index

Stock Index

A group of stocks put together in a standardized way to provide a useful window into a sector or market's performance at a glance. That is, a stock index groups together a certain list of stocks and usually takes an average of their prices so as to provide an idea of how the industry or market represented in the stock index is doing. Very often, stock indices are weighted to prevent a few data points from overwhelming it. For example, the S&P 500 is weighted according to market capitalization, while the DJIA is weighted for price.

stock index

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Dow Jones Zimbabwe Total Stock Market Index (USD) - 16/9/2011
Several recent studies are examining the relationship between the stock market index and macroeconomic and global variables for Poland and related countries.
The Dow Jones MENA Broad Stock Market Index currently covers Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.
The objective of the scientific work is to create the model of the impact of macroeconomic indicators on stock market index, which could enable to present a complex estimation of causality and dependence of the relation between macroeconomic indicators and stock market index during the long and the short runs.
Fung and Lie (1990) concluded that the response of the stock market index to changes in domestic production and money supply was weak in Korea.
Until May 28, 1999, investors can place an order to purchase shares of each class -- Investor Shares or Select Shares(TM) -- of the Schwab Total Stock Market Index Fund at the subscription offering price of $20 per share.
In addition, in April 2005, the Vanguard Group completed its adoption of the MSCI US Broad Market Index as the target benchmark for its Total Stock Market Index Fund with assets totalling more than $60 billion as of May 31, 2005, one of the largest benchmark switches in history.
09% for two of Vanguard's widely held index funds--the 500 Index Fund and the Total Stock Market Index Fund--as well as for Vanguard's federal and state tax-exempt funds.
The portfolio will allocate 85% of its assets to the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund and 15% to the Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund.
Remember, bull markets are global affairs and, at last glance, the DJ World Stock Market Index was in a highly bullish mode, having held above key support last August and, in the interim, has traced out a continuation pattern of ascending tops and bottoms.
Vanguard has begun publishing streamlined listings of portfolio holdings in the 2004 annual reports for five of its index funds: Total Stock Market Index Fund, Extended Market Index Fund, Small-Cap Index Fund, Small-Cap Growth Index Fund, and Small-Cap Value Index Fund.
The S&P 500 Index is a well-known stock market index that includes common stocks of 500 companies from several industrial sectors representing a significant portion of the market value of all stocks publicly traded in the United States.