Stock market

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Stock market

Also called the equity market, the market for trading equities.
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Stock Exchange

A place, whether physical or electronic, where stocks, bonds, and/or derivatives in listed companies are bought and sold. A stock exchange may be a private company, a non-profit, or a publicly-traded company (some exchanges have shares that trade on their own floors). A stock exchange provides a regulated place where brokers and companies may meet in order to make investments on neutral ground. The concept traces its roots back to medieval France and the Low Countries, where agricultural goods were traded for cash or debt. Most countries have a main exchange and many also have smaller, regional exchanges. A stock exchange is also called a bourse or simply an exchange.
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Stock market.

A stock market may be a physical place, sometimes known as a stock exchange, where brokers gather to buy and sell stocks and other securities.

The term is also used more broadly to include electronic trading that takes place over computer and telephone lines. In fact, in many markets around the world, all stock trading is handled electronically.

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stock market

a MARKET that deals in the buying and selling of company stocks and shares and government bonds. See STOCK EXCHANGE for further details.
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Andersen and Nilesen (2011), Ang, Bakaert and Lui (2005), Barberis, Huang and Thaler (2006) and Puri and Robinson (2007) have expressed in one way or the other that non-financial psychological causes are responsible for non-participation in the stock market. In this study the second variable found as the discriminant variable is 'belief in the capital market' which is also non-financial and psychological.
As far as our knowledge is concerned, there is no study so far being done on the macroeconomic determinants of stock market development of Iran.
An easy understating is developed by numeric figures, stock market return displays mean value and standard deviation of PSX-100 is -0.005 and 7.447 respectively which pointed out the fluctuation in stock market.
You get recessions, you have stock market declines.
This financial liberalisation has contributed to the further development of formal stock markets in the region.
Since the research was, develop for better understanding on macroeconomic variables impacts on stock market. Hence, the research question of this study are;
Asked how the 2008 financial crisis and stock market decline impacted the value of their savings and investment portfolio, about one in 10 (9%) investors reported a loss of more than 50% in value, about a quarter (23%) said a loss between 25 and 50% in value, and a third (34%) said a reduction of 10 to 25% in value.
Regular disclosure, transparency, and enforcement are important for stock market development.
The inclusion of the PSX would bring fresh inflows in the local stock market and according to the market observers the investment from the fund houses would range from 400 million dollars to 500 million dollars.
The aim is to enable students of this university to combine practice with theory and to carry out the exchange trades on the spot, where they will be trained and can themselves issue orders for sale and purchase on the stock market in real time.
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