stock list

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Stock list

The department within a stock exchange that oversees compliance with listing requirements and exchange regulations.

Listing Department

The department of a stock exchange responsible for ensuring compliance with listing requirements. These listing requirements mandate that every stock on the exchange have a certain market capitalization, number of shareholders, and/or revenue. Listing requirements exist to enforce stability on the exchange as much as possible. As such, the listing department decides which companies may be listed, which must be delisted, and even which are temporarily exempt from the listing requirements. The listing department is also called the stock list. See also: Listed company, C.

stock list

The department of a securities exchange that takes care of new listings and delistings of securities on the exchange. Also called listing department.
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Schwab Composite Stock List is an equal weighted hypothetical portfolio of 30 stocks.
The new version will allow users to manage and trade stock lists globally, tapping any of the 40 international markets to which Instinet provides access.
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