stock index

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Stock index

Stock Index

A group of stocks put together in a standardized way to provide a useful window into a sector or market's performance at a glance. That is, a stock index groups together a certain list of stocks and usually takes an average of their prices so as to provide an idea of how the industry or market represented in the stock index is doing. Very often, stock indices are weighted to prevent a few data points from overwhelming it. For example, the S&P 500 is weighted according to market capitalization, while the DJIA is weighted for price.

stock index

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Li and Feng [12] employed the EEMD method to separately decompose investor sentiment and the stock index price series into a short-term fluctuation term, a medium-term significant event term, and a long-term trend term, integrating econometric models to expand their research.
Since the Economy of the country has experienced a lot of changes in the stock index and macroeconomic performance in the recent years, examining the effects of macroeconomic variables of the country on stock exchange index is important.
The PSEi actually grew by 152 percent in the last five years; now, clients can ride on the growth of the Philippine stock market simply by investing in the Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Stock Index Fund," Pama said.
Atlas Copco is also on the FTS4Good stock index, which includes world-leading companies that score well on social, governance and environmental practices.
It is expected that the slight adjustment of the stock index weighting by MSCI will have little impact on the performance of local bourse.
stock index has a lower correlation with the European Emerging index than it does with the Developed Europe index.
of South Korea, tracks the KOSPI200, or the Korean Composite Stock Index 200, which comprises 200 leading companies listed on the Korean Exchange.
When BE last wrote about the Black Stock Index in 2001, AMS was trading at around $2.
The S Funds tracks the Wilshire 4500 stock index, which consists of the common stocks of smaller companies not included in the S&P 500 index.
Due to the share price losses of 22 companies, the Laboratory Instrumentation Stock Index has lost 36% of its value from the beginning of the year.
Seoul led the pack with the benchmark KOSPI stock index soaring 5% to close at 540.
Within the first three trading sessions in April, the Nikkei stock index declined 6.