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Results: During 2009 to 2011 a total of 5804 cases of scorpion sting referred to health and medicine centers.
Patients don't make the connection as the sting doesn't cause immediate problems.
Sting joined the acting cast of The Last Ship to boost ticket sales in the weeks before it closed on Broadway but he said: "I don't need vindication.
"Initial plans still have Triple H facing Sting at Wrestlemania 31, and bringing them back can start to set that up if that's the match they stick with.
The red scorpion sting was seen in 60% cases, and the site of sting was found to be the foot region in 61% cases.
Dr Khawaja pointed out that while there are very few deadly insects or arthropods like spiders or scorpions in the UAE, bees and wasps are a potential danger, especially for children who are allergic to their stings. "The more common reasons that bring children to the clinic are a mild reaction caused by bites from bed bugs, mosquitos, fleas and ants." The venom or insect's saliva causes itching and sometimes triggers an allergic reaction that can include a stinging sensation and mild swelling and redness that disappears within a day or two.
After the 72-year-old Simon left the stage for a little while, Sting dug into his solo and Police repertoire, covering songs like "Driven to Tears'' and "Walking on the Moon.'' Before launching into "Englishman in New York,'' he told the crowd that there's nowhere in the world like the Garden, to thunderous cheers.
She said: "You could see it was a bee sting. I knew what it was and I pulled it out."
Ramhormoz area is one of the most important foci of scorpion sting problem in the east of Khuzestan from point of medical, epidemiology and geographic local scorpion distribution according to the reports of local health authority of Khuzestan (Radmanesh, 1990, 1998; Vazirianzadeh and Samie, 2006).
"We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this development and know that Sting hopes to return to Manila soon to perform for his fans," the promoter's statement added.
Gordon Matthew Thomas Summer, better known as Sting, rose to fame when he formed the band "The Police" along with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers.