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50% of the outstanding votes plus one vote.


Half plus one of ownership of a company. Control gives the person or group having it the ability to make all decisions on how the company operates. In a publicly-traded company, control comes from buying more than half of the common stock.


the process of ensuring that activities are carried out as intended. Control involves monitoring aspects of performance and taking corrective action where necessary. For instance, control of expenditure involves regular monitoring of expenditure figures, comparison of these with budget targets, and decisions to cut or increase expenditure where any discrepancy is believed to be harmful. Without control an ORGANIZATION cannot function: employees would go their own way (possibly with the best of intentions) and the organization would fragment, making COORDINATION impossible. Control can, therefore, be viewed as a central component of MANAGEMENT.

Some writers in the SOCIOLOGY OF WORK have argued that, since (in their view) employers' and employees' interests are opposed, control of labour is the main task of management. Without it, workers would behave in a way which is detrimental to managerial goals. Research has shown, however, that many managers attach more importance to other managerial functions (such as budgeting), whilst it is questionable whether employees would necessarily act in the way suggested. See ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS.

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However, the performances of participant 3 could not be brought under the targeted stimulus control.
Children with autism and non-disabled children demonstrated restricted stimulus control when the compound stimulus elements were isolated and tested individually.
Stimulus control techniques constitute one example of a group of interventions that might be useful for promoting behavioral inhibition.
Step 1) Free play probes were done to determine initial preference and reinforcement stimulus control for books and toys for all four children.
It could be concluded, after reviewing the research on behavioral modification and the techniques used in most exercise programs, that the combination of two behavioral techniques, behavior modification and stimulus control, will have a greater effect on motivating adults to exercise than using behavioral modification or stimulus control alone.
Program Activities Designed to Address Behavior Change Strategies Behavior Change Strategy Program Application Session(s) Self-Monitoring [] Nutrition pre-test 1,2,4 [] 24-hour dietary recalls [] Nutrition post-test Stimulus Control [] Review of recall data to 3 Identify "triggers" of eating behaviors Problem Solving [] Decision-making based on 3 Nutrition Facts Label [] Solutions for overeating Cognitive Restructuring [] Food Guide Pyramid instruction 1,2,3 [] Practice portion control using Plate Model and Exchange Lists Table 2.
During the TDM sessions, the teachers were asked to incorporate the stimulus control procedures they had learned during the workshops.
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Occasionally, when deprivation is very strong, mands may be completely free from external stimulus control, as in the "isolated desert-dwelling hermit's cry, 'water'" (Winokur, 1976, p.
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