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Nevertheless, with the newer stimulation protocols this risk can be greatly reduced, thereby allowing clinicians to maximize the efficiency of a single stimulated cycle and reduce the cost and burden of treatment.
When at least one mature follicle was assessed to have ranged in diameter between 18 mm and 20 mm, we performed ovulation triggering via intramuscular injection of urinary hCG (5000–10,000 U of hCG) or subcutaneous injection of recombinant hCG (250 [micro]g of ovitrelle) in stimulated cycles or in some natural cycles.
Hormone values and follicular size were monitored over the course of the stimulated cycle as a means to determine the optimal oocyte harvest time.
INTRODUCTION: To obtain a higher likelihood of achieving pregnancy, IUI is usually synchronized with ovulation, either in a natural or a stimulated cycle.

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