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In short, he created a climate in which his weakest teachers found themselves asking whether they even wanted to stick around at the school to see whether or not they could rise to the occasion.
Industry newcomers often don't want to stick around long enough to make gradual progress or growth in the business, Kiley said.
Companies would love to know how these intangibles--the things they can't control once they square away pay and benefits--make workers stick around and grow.
Want to stick around to see your great-grandchildren?
It seems good ideas stick around and the familiar "twist-top" HKS revolver loader seems like an icon, because it is.
Chairman Greenspan would be forced to stick around as caretaker through 2008 (a solution that would allow the winner of the 2008 presidential contest the sensible job of picking his or her own head of the central bank and having to live with the results).
But like many processes that stick around beyond their expiration date, sometimes it takes a Milena Zilo (a cleverly disguised brick) to fall on our heads, before we can see the obvious.
Jerome Morrison recalled: "He came creeping down the hall, and I saw a head stick around the bedroom door.
With Japan's continuing urban migration problem draining small towns all over the country--including resort towns like Niseko--offering young people a reason to stick around is perhaps Findlay's most valuable contribution to the community.
Even though I did not spy a pitchfork in the back seat, I didn't stick around to find out.
Ideally, speakers will motivate the audience to improve and then stick around long enough to defend their statements.