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Seiler said, "I'm proud to have an integral role with Sterling American.
That proclamation in itself might sound old-fashioned--not entirely out of place in a Greenpeace pamphlet--but Sterling went on to classify his new cause as an art and design movement.
Home, for Sterling Brown is Howard, as he has said: ".
For nearly three decades, Sterling Healthcare has been a national leader in the provision of hospital-based physician management services in three key areas: emergency, hospital and critical care medicine.
Often, Sterling played records from his precious collection which included gems by Bert Williams and Bessie Smith.
In court papers, which include copies of her daily planner, Jaksy contends that Sterling kissed her, hugged her and repeatedly asked her to have sex with him and his friends in exchange for an extra $300 to $400 a week.
The acquisition was financed with equity primarily from Sterling Group Partners II, L.
At any moment, a man can be a `killer' or a `hero,' '' wrote Sterling, who is president and founder of the Sterling Institute and ICSD.
Sargento selected Sterling Transportation Management for its on-demand architecture and rich application functionality, including settlement process automation and improved reporting, that have allowed the company to fully automate its transportation management process.
Alongside our new UNIX-based platform, Sterling Multi-Enterprise Finance Gateway has enabled us to transform our business, streamlining and automating our payments processing.
And the only place left for differentiation is in how well you collaborate with your business community to deliver value to the customer," said Eric Meerschaert, vice president of Global Marketing for Sterling Commerce.
X1 Logistics wanted a best-in-class technology provider to support our mission, and we found that in Sterling Commerce.