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Besides this, the sowing spore density could be adjusted evenly through adjusting the volume of the sterilized water used to rinse off the spores from the filter paper.
Rates of sterilization were high among married couples: 24% of married women's male partners had been sterilized, and 16% of married women had themselves been sterilized.
The NorthWest Territories government is offering support to Aboriginal women in the province through a program where victims can start an inquiry if they believe they've been wrongfully sterilized.
5) With the availability of gamma sterilization facility in Pakistan, small scale entrepreneurs can set up manufacturing units of medical disposable products and get their products sterilized with gamma rays.
supplies of sterilized and canned vegetables and fruits for military units and facilities of the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces - West Region - 3 000 EUR;
Earphones, laptops, jewelry can all be sterilized by using the stand to emit light down onto personal belongings.
75 minutes 600 Ran very Bromobutyl plunger/minute smoothly--Few or no Plunger Steam fallen plungers with Sterilized no blockage of flow 1mL Long 3.
In a technique already in use, millions of factory-raised bugs are sterilized with radiation or chemicals and then released within a target area.
The equipment is available to produce high-pressure sterilized entrees, such as macaroni and cheese, salmon fettuccine and ravioli that have a freshly prepared flavor, color and texture.
1) Within five years after their husbands' vasectomy, 6% of women indicated that it was not a good choice; essentially the same proportion of sterilized women (7%) expressed regret within five years after undergoing tubal occlusion.
The fee, which is refundable if the owner gets the animal sterilized elsewhere, would boost the cost of adopting a dog to $85.
There are times when, under the impetus of Divine Grace, the contraceptively sterilized offending partner, is brought to a state of true contrition and sincere purpose of amendment (including, obviously, a basic willingness to have if possible, surgical repair of the contraceptive mutilation).