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The users have the flexibility to connect the BT800 with any audio output devices such as a stereo system, home entertainment center, speakers, boom box, AV receiver, TV or PC speakers.
The PadDock 10v2 iPad Stand and Stereo System is available directly from SMK-Link Electronics at http://www.
Therefore the depth perception is less reliable for the distant objects and this error might be reduced by increasing the parallax of the stereo system or by active zooming (increasing the focal length of the lenses).
All these things we seem to inherently know about stereo systems are decidedly not profound.
Best of all, PadDock 10 is a powerful iPad stereo system -- engineered to provide clear, crisp, amplified stereo sound for songs, videos, TV shows, games, applications and other Internet entertainment.
Even though new cars come equipped with better standard stereo systems than ever before, aftermarket car stereos can still offer the best sound quality and the latest integrated features.
KEYWORDS: car stereo, car stereo installation, car stereo system, car stereo systems, electronics, gps.
The iSoniCast is a breakthrough wireless device that allows users to enjoy music from their iPod([R]) over a home stereo system with no batteries required.
Recording is relatively intuitive, and the MR-Z55 even connects by high-quality optical cables (though at $40 a whack, they're not cheap) to the back of your stereo system.
The company's product lines include MP3 players for music and video on the go, digital picture frames that bring memories to life, wireless stereo adapter and headphones that connect stored music to home stereo system and GPS devices equipped with the latest technology and features.
can plug into any hi-fi stereo system or headphones with analog outputs
During 2006, Soundcast introduced iCast and AudioCast, which offered the consumer a convenient, wireless way to link a digital music player and home stereo system without running wires and drilling holes in the walls.