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Step Up

1. Informal; to increase. For example, one's income may increase until one "steps up" into a higher marginal tax rate.

2. In convertible securities, a scheduled increase in the conversion price. Step-ups also apply to warrants and options. For example, if a shareholder owns convertible preferred stock at a conversion price of $10 per share, a step-up may involve an increase in the conversion price to $12 per share. The terms under which the security is sold outline the amount of the step-up and when it takes place. Because step-ups are contrary to the interest of buyers, there is little demand for securities with step-ups, and, as a result, they are a relatively rare feature of convertible securities.
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A scheduled increase in the exercise or conversion price at which a warrant, an option, or a convertible security may be used to acquire shares of common stock. For example, a warrant may permit its owner to purchase ten shares of stock at $20 per share up to a specified date and at $22.50 per share thereafter until the warrant expires. The step-up works to the disadvantage of the holder, however. It is not a feature of most of these securities.
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Where basis step-ups are claimed for an interest in a corporate entity, such step-ups will not result in any immediate tax benefits, but will only be utilized upon the ultimate disposition of such interests.
The regulations lack guidance on partnership goodwill, step-up of partnership basis and the application of the anti-churning rules.
Section 2 provides a literature review regarding the derivation of discount rates for asset step-up induced depreciation benefits.
* If a carryover basis regime is implemented, the AICPA suggests that an allowance for step-up in income tax basis also be adopted.
Note, however, that in one quarter of the scenarios, the step-up performed even better than a 3% inflation rate.
The distribution of project capacity among the six UPPs and MoPEP 1 eliminates direct bondholder exposure to any single participant, given the generous step-up provisions.
In addition, sentiment checks suggest interest in F1 is surging year-to-date, which bodes well for rights fee step-ups heading into a group of major broadcast renewals in 2021, Silver tells investors in a research note.
After that we did circuits like shuttle runs, sit-ups, step-ups, crunches, skipping, plank, side planks, jumping jacks and rest..
The new master tenancy agreements will also incorporate built-in rent step-ups of 4.75%[2] and 6.0% from the fourth year and every three years thereafter until the expiry of the leases for Starhill Gallery and Lot 10 Property respectively.
The notes qualify as Restricted Tier 1 capital under Solvency II and will be treated as 100% equity in Fitch's Prism Factor-Based Model and our financial debt leverage calculation, given that they are non-cumulative perpetual instruments with no step-ups on call dates.
Exercises such as body weight squats and lunges (correct form is imperative in this case), leg extensions for isolating and strengthening the quad muscles, leg curls for strengthening hamstrings and small step-ups to start training the leg muscles and not the knee joint to take the pressure of everyday movements.
Under the terms of the amended and restated revolving credit facility, the maximum leverage ratio remains at 3.50x with potential step-ups to 4.00x or 4.50x following acquisitions of a certain size.