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Account Balance

The amount available in an account. Simply put, the account balance is the net of all credits less all debits. A positive account balance indicates the account holder has funds available to him/her, while a negative balance indicates the holder owes money. Account balances are important in banking because they determine whether or not an account holder has money for living expenses and in margin accounts because they show whether the holder can conduct more margin transactions.


The amount of the original loan remaining to be paid.

It is equal to the loan amount less the sum of all prior payments of principal.

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As a result, the German merchants in London's Steelyard were granted concessions on valuable tin mines in Cornwall and such favourable trading terms in England's flourishing wool trade that by the 16th century to the considerable irritation of English merchants they were handling over 90 per cent of wool exports.
BRIAN LAWS secured a weekend of domestic bliss but it was steelyard blues for Blades chief Bryan Robson.
In another case, the grand court of revision wanted to punish a merchant for using a non-standard steelyard in his transactions.
She was last seen sitting eating outside a chip shop in the town, in an area known as The Steelyard.
11) His policy had begun early in the reign: for example, Leicester dined with the Mercers' Company in July 1560, and attended the Lord Mayor's feast in the Guildhall on October 29 of the same year, when Sir William Chester (a draper) became mayor; on the latter occasion his followers and horses appear to have been accommodated at Bosom's Inn in Cheapside and the Maiden Head in the Steelyard.
78) Six months prior to that promulgation, More had led government raids on the German Steelyard in search of illicit Bible translations and Lutheran texts brought into England by Hanseatic merchants.
But there were to be many other good roles for Boyle in successful movies including The Candidate, with Robert Redford, Steelyard Blues, with Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, with Robert Mitchum and Taxi Driver, with Robert De Niro.
We know that in Basel he was active painting the exteriors and interiors of houses, but that his only documented mural paintings in England (the Whitehall mural, and the Steelyard Triumphs) were destroyed by fire: did he do others?
The Alaska Railroad car was found in an Anchorage steelyard, and had to be moved with an 18-wheeler.
They seemed to violate the symmetry of the Manhattan skyline, like steelyard bullies.
Or else the steelyard guys or hardware store clerks have had all the resource material and advice needed.
Florence was the great wool centre of the period and there they used only the steelyard, a horizontal beam device and the sack was 500 of their sottile (fine goods) pounds.