Steady state

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Steady state

As an MBS pool ages, or four to six months after component mortgages have passed at least once the threshold for refinancing, the prepayment speed tends to stabilize within a fairly steady range.
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Steady State

1. Describing an economy that is neither growing nor shrinking. While this is not technically a recession, a steady state economy is not generally considered desirable.

2. See: equilibrium.
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The startup transient and steady-state conditions are studied through the current signal to perform a comparative study that evaluates the effectiveness of the implemented methodology in this research for broken rotor bar detection in a VSD fed IM.
Nireos has demonstrated Gemini can be applied to many different experiments, in steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopy.
Fitch maintains its stable rating outlook on the credit card sector, based on the buffer between UK trusts' current performance and the agency's through the cycle steady-state assumptions (see Credit Card Index - UK 4Q18).
Designs typically only consider the steady-state condition.
Eliminating phase [[theta].sub.n] from (25), we can yield the amplitude of steady-state responses:
However, the specific formulation in (2) holds only true in the steady-state case [[??].sub.CE] = 0.
The necessary parameters and steady-state quantities of SG to calculate the coefficients and initial conditions of N7OM are presented in Table I.
From Un-economic Growth to the Steady-State Economy
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