statutory investment

Statutory investment

An investment that a trustee is authorized to make under state law.

Statutory Investment

Investments allowed for institutional investors under the legal and regulatory rules of the country in which they are made. Institutional investors, notably banks, handle funds on behalf of clients, who may or may not be interested in investing themselves. As a result, many institutional investors are restricted from making certain high-risk investments. In the case of bonds, statutory investments are called investment-grade. One may also refer to statutory investments as legal investments.

statutory investment

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The recommendations shall be based on the current investment climate, future market assumptions, and statutory investment limitations.
The new feature provides insurers with a single solution to view all of their statutory investment reporting.
Not only will this help drive our product development area, but her extensive knowledge of statutory investment schedules will be a benefit to all of our customers and our organization.
Statutory investment yields through year-end 2009, which had been relatively flat prior to 2008, continued to compress during 2009.
In addition to the CRA revision, passing the amendment to national banks' statutory investment authority would also give banks an important tool to help foreclosure-plagued urban and suburban middle-income areas.
This is important because most statutory investment guidelines are stated in NAIC ratings.
State authority over solvency, based on statutory investment and risk-based capital requirements and financial examinations every three years unless financial strength justifies a deferment to five years.
This 15 percent threshold allows banking organizations a cushion for growth between the statutory investment limit and the higher capital charges under the revised proposal.
The study covered the following major aspects of the VRS investment program: organizational structure, policies and procedures, asset allocation, investment performance, managed futures and statutory investment restrictions.

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