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Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES)

The only stock exchange in Singapore.

s s

Used on the consolidated tape to indicate a transaction of less than a round lot: AEPPr 5ss47.
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Chapter Four Major Countries Rail Market Status and Analysis
As Status continues to grow and expand into new markets, the new name, Status Global Insurance, will more accurately reflect their expanding global product offerings, while maintaining their current image of providing top-quality insurance products and accompanying services.
1363(b) does not affect an S corporation's status as a bank within the meaning of See.
Ottawa -- The Conservative government's move to cut $5 million from the $23-million-a-year Status of Women agency also has drawn condemnation from leftists, liberals and feminists, but praise from social conservatives and advocates of responsible government spending.
This is the underlying etiology behind what physicians are currently experiencing as status anxiety.
Crescenta Valley High School teacher Stefane Zamorano gained permanent status last year, in her fourth year of teaching at the district.
I next define these six statuses and indicate concepts from existing career development theories that are applicable to each status.
The Thoracic Organ Transplantation Committee which drafted the proposal said the policy change recognizes that Status A and Status B candidates not only have a higher risk of death on the waiting list, but also may be more likely to demonstrate transplant survival benefit than Status 2 candidates.
In a series of logistic regressions controlling for these factors, the analysts examined relationships between nativity status and low birth weight, paying particular attention to whether associations varied across racial and ethnic groups and by socioeconomic status (as indicated by mother's level of education).
This feature eliminates the "handshake" traditionally required with the host to enable the status return, allowing the status of any command to be communicated at any time and the drive to complete multiple commands sequentially or at the same time
The taxpayer reiterated that V&M's S corporation status ended when it entered bankruptcy proceedings but now used the argument that V&M no longer met the eligibility requirements under the Internal Revenue Code.
A dependent child's future termination date was entered into the claims system as the maximum age for a full-time student; but no investigation was performed to confirm whether the dependent actually had full-time student status.