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Official statistics are an integral part of any developed democratic society and play an important role in providing evidence to inform decision making by a broad range of users and in particular for policy makers in support of policy formulation and evaluation.
Students come to their course work in statistics with varying degrees personality dispositions and academic experiences that can either help or hinder their ability to do well.
Speaking at the inaugural, World Statistics Day in October, the director general of the National Planning Commission, Tom Alweendo said "We hope that in the not too distant future we will be among the nations that have managed to have good statistics.
The efforts made by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics in collecting and updating the data on monthly basis were also appreciated by the Members of the Standing Committee.
As for ASSD, a symposium created in 2006 by African statisticians to contribute to the development of statistics (demographic, economic .
Preparations for the 13th National Convention on Statistics (NCS) in October, 2016, starts this year.
The new prototype statistics are available on BEA's regional accounts Web site.
Director of Directorate E Sectoral and regional statistics
A number of studies have looked at Statistics Anxiety in certain populations.
It also highlighted the current survey by a global consulting institution which is studying and re-evaluating the available data and statistics in each statistical authority across GCC, as well as ways to enhance collaboration and integration of economic statistics in the region.
The Statistics database is the largest and most widely useful collection.

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