statistical inference

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Statistical inference

A statistical method of drawing conclusions on unknown properties of a population based on a random sampling of data from that population.

statistical inference

a process by which we infer conclusions about a statistical POPULATION from which only a SAMPLE has been drawn. For example, if one million Britons buy bicycles each year, and 200 are asked why they do so, 50% may say because it helps to keep them fit. From this sample one may infer that 50% of the total population of one million Britons buying bicycles do so for this reason. However, it is not possible to say with 100% accuracy that this is the case unless the views of all one million were obtained. Nevertheless, it is possible to say with reasonable confidence that the estimation of 50% is correct for the whole population.
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Most of the literature about the process ability index of statistical inference research assumes that the quality characteristics of the product obey a normal distribution.
Trimble twice states that the set of comparable sales is assumed to already be an unbiased representative sample, and so can be used for statistical inferences.
In this article, informal statistical inference is introduced as an approach to teaching statistics.
Theorem 4 can in turn be used to establish statistical inferences for testing marginal changes in population quantile shares and quantile means (Zheng 1996).
Conversely, even a Bayesian, like Urbach, who is prepared to draw statistical inferences from non-random samples, still has every reason to require that the treatment be randomly assigned (since even Bayesians need this further information to move from correlations to causes).
Second, Bayesian inference allows the introduction of prior information in addition to the sample information to make statistical inferences.
The availability of such "artificial" samples permits students -- as well as researchers -- to experiment systematically with data in order to estimate probabilities and make statistical inferences.
12 Moreover, according to one evaluation, despite researchers' best intentions, most studies are invalid or scientifically inadequate in terms of their design, data, statistical inferences, or documentation.
With equal emphasis on theory and applications, it establishes the advantages of multiple comparison techniques in reducing error rates and in ensuring the validity of statistical inferences.
Statistical inferences formed through the analysis of probability samples are preferred because inferences drawn from nonprobability samples may be unreliable and inaccurate.
Then he explains the mechanics and dynamics of the system, rules of evidence as they apply to an expert witness, the appointment of experts and the written report, the expert forensic scientists in court, statistics and statistical inferences, and ethical and scientific considerations.
With 20 new articles, this reflects the recent interest in ordered random variable and the role they play in the theories and practice of statistics, including order and record statistics covering distribution properties, characterizations and statistical inferences.

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