probability distribution

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Probability distribution

A function that describes all the values a random variable can take and the probability associated with each. Also called a probability function.
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Probability Distribution

All the possible values a random variable can take under a given set of circumstances, as well as the probability that it will take each value. A normal probability is a bell curve.
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probability distribution

The distribution of possible outcomes to an event along with the probability of each potential outcome. This statistical tool is used to measure the risk associated with events such as shooting craps, playing cards, or investing in securities.
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In the meanwhile, in more recent studies, econometric methods were also applied for modeling and estimating individual passenger in-station underlying statistical distributions. Inspired from the econometric approach using highway individual vehicle toll data in [37, 38], Leurent and Xie [21] modeled explicitly constant or uniform-distributed passenger walking speed with shifted exponential-distributed distances by trip leg.
Within statistical distributions that support higher-order moments, risk and uncertainty may be modeled according to even-numbered moments.
Frame sizes of H.264/MPEG4 AVC encoded video have been modelled with well-known statistical distributions. The main results have shown that the Gamma and Weibull distributions give appropriate statistical distributions of video frame sizes.
Similar to the simulated image, the statistical distribution was confirmed for the samples taken for change, no-change and mixed (change and no-change) areas from the change image generated by the NDR operator in Ho Chi Minh City.
Additionally, the kurtosis [kappa] is commonly the significant index of statistical distribution in the clutter modeling.
The systematic trenching work in 2011 was the break-through technique that enabled us to understand the spatial and statistical distribution of gold at Old Pirate and, as a result, this new trenching program is intended to identify significant extensions to the known resource.
The statistical distribution of these populations can be seen on a plot of cellular hemoglobin mass against cellular volume.
The probability of fibre occurrence in the given area was determined with uniform statistical distribution that is a statistical distribution of probability distributed uniformly within <a, b> interval.
Denzine points out that in a forced sort situation, a normal statistical distribution will occur because of the ranking procedure that results in fewer cards being selected to represent the strongest held views of the participants.
By fitting the company's past to a statistical distribution, I am able to calculate a probability that the company's required business performance can be delivered.
For those with smaller budgets there are a host of more basic solutions available, as well as the cheapest option of all - a do - it - yourself simulation macro that can be produced in Excel, where key inputs are varied, according to the whatever Excel statistical distribution appears most appropriate and the multitude of outputs recorded in a table.

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