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Level of priority in the trading crowd.


Having a sufficient stake in the outcome of a dispute so as to justify a court in believing that the party will vigorously defend or pursue the rights at issue in litigation.The concept of standing used to be very narrow, so that if a property owner contracted for selective cutting of timber, but the timber company clear-cut and left a devastated wasteland behind, only the property owner could sue for damages because he or she was the only one with standing.Today, the concept has been expanded and would probably include adjoining landowners and even public interest groups who would be recognized as having standing and the ability to sue the timber company.

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The Smarter Stand wraps and unwraps Apple's EarPods with ease and can keep your phone standing up, just don't expect to touch your phone in this position.
Open loop systems typically have the lowest first cost with standing column and closed loop wells being higher in cost.
While it is difficult to predict the outcome of a case based on the oral argument, the tenor and direction of the questions during the oral argument strongly suggest that the case will be decided on the basis of standing.
A photograph of Big Snake, taken about two years before he was murdered, displays a sinewy figure standing at least 6'5" tall at a time when the average American male was nearly a foot shorter.
If done properly, the Standing Throw (#1) will produce an extremely high throw with little distance.
He adds that "we want to come up with a software package that a clinician can use with a patient standing on a platform to characterize his or her body's stiffness or reaction time.
We use the Standing Throw #1 drill to establish basic patterns such as the hip drive, and to evaluate other areas of the throw.
Unfortunately, not all brands of standing mixers are helpful kitchen allies.
The Stand-Up(TM) MRI allowed him to be scanned in a standing, weight-bearing position that revealed a cartilage injury.
patients can be scanned standing, sitting, bending or lying down.
The Stand-Up(TM) MRI is the world's first and only MRI scanner that performs weight-bearing, Position(TM) Imaging (pMRI(TM)), where the patient can be scanned sitting, standing, bending, in flexion and extension, or in the conventional recumbent position.
The Stand-Up(TM) MRI's ability to perform Position(TM) Imaging (pMRI(TM)), where patients can be scanned sitting, standing, bending or lying down, has allowed it to detect pathology that was missed by lie-down-only scanners.

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