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Level of priority in the trading crowd.


Having a sufficient stake in the outcome of a dispute so as to justify a court in believing that the party will vigorously defend or pursue the rights at issue in litigation.The concept of standing used to be very narrow, so that if a property owner contracted for selective cutting of timber, but the timber company clear-cut and left a devastated wasteland behind, only the property owner could sue for damages because he or she was the only one with standing.Today, the concept has been expanded and would probably include adjoining landowners and even public interest groups who would be recognized as having standing and the ability to sue the timber company.

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Furthermore, a large portion of their tribe (including Standing Bear and his family) had converted to Christianity, and voluntarily sent their children to study in American schools.
As a chief, Standing Bear did what he could to offer comfort.
The Standing Throw #1 Drill is used to establish some basic patterns such as the hip drive and the inverted "C" position and can be used by the coach to evaluate other areas of the throw.
The athlete performs a Standing Throw #1 without pushing the ball with the arm.
We use the Standing Throw #1 drill to establish basic patterns such as the hip drive, and to evaluate other areas of the throw.
This is merely an extension of the double-pivot drill performed in Standing Throw #1.
Unfortunately, not all brands of standing mixers are helpful kitchen allies.
Unlike some kitchen appliances, in which the design of all brands is basically the same, standing mixers have distinct design differences that are the key to differing performance.
6 Tesla magnet and Position(TM) Imaging can scan patients in numerous weight-bearing positions, such as standing, sitting, in flexion and extension, and in the conventional lie-down position, allowing for the identification of pathology that can go undetected on conventional MRI scanners.
patients can be scanned standing, sitting, bending or lying down.
The Stand-Up(TM) MRI is the only whole-body MRI that allows patients to be scanned in normal upright, weight-bearing positions, either standing or sitting, as well as in any other position in which the patient is symptomatic.
Scans may be taken while sitting, standing, bending, in flexion or extension, or in the conventional recumbent position.