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Since making the bet, when I felt any doubt about the stalwartness of my prime minister, or the logic of my reasoning, I would happily visualize the 60-second video clip of my man choking a bystander on national TV and realize the money which was at risk was as good as in the bank.
The good one involves a sniper duel between a Russian sharpshooter from the Ural Mountains (based on a real historical figure, Vassili Zaitsev, and played with Gary Cooper-ish stalwartness by the British actor Jude Law) and a steely German aristocrat (the less-historically confirmable Maj.
It is a measure of the stalwartness of the present president, Ernesto Zedillo, now in his last year of his six-year term, that he is still viewed by most Mexicans with some degree of affection and sympathy.