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The action undertakes a country when it buys and sells its own currency to protect its exchange value.
Actions registered competitive traders undertake by on the NYSE to meet the exchange requirement that 75% of their traded be stabilizing, meaning that sell orders follow a plus tick and buy orders a tick.
Actions a managing underwriter undertake so that the market price does not fall below the public offering price during the offering period
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Price Stabilization

The ultimate goal of the steps a central bank takes to reduce inflation. That is, when prices are rising rapidly, the central bank may reduce the amount of money in circulation and/or raise interest rates to bring down the rate at which prices are rising. Price stabilization does not bring prices down to their former levels, but it does reduce the rate at which they rise to a more sustainable level. While this is popular in theory, it is important to note that Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker caused a recession in the early 1980s when he raised interest rates to 18% to achieve price stabilization.
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1, 2013) directly addresses premium stabilization reserves as a plan liability.
Thermal stabilization in an inert atmosphere is found to be relatively faster and is known to produce carbon fibres with poor mechanical properties (17) and low carbon yield (30-40% at 1000[degrees]C in helium), whereas stabilization in air or oxygen rich atmosphere takes longer to complete the cyclization reaction and ends up with carbon fibers with good mechanical properties and higher carbon yield (~60% at 1000[degrees]C in helium) (18).
The Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization said it pilot-tested in the exercise an innovative process to ensure close integration among all agencies, including the military.
New Vision, a hospital-based medical stabilization and withdrawal management service, is provided through a partnership with SpecialCare Hospital Management of St.
Denmark remains committed to supporting the stabilization program and encouraging all parties to continue to seek solutions for the remaining 1.8 million internally displaced people in Iraq.
Headquartered in Memphis, TN, CrossRoads Extremity Systems is a provider of active stabilization innovative foot & ankle fixation implant systems and services as well as strives to find ways to help hospitals save money and improve efficiency.
And credit union trade groups have split on closing the stabilization fund.
The question of how to achieve tartrate stabilization has been addressed by selective removal of the potassium and tartrate ions, therefore rendering the resultant wine stable to KHT precipitation.
Most studies on Latin American inflation focus on economic features of the stabilization programs and try to link the success or failure of stabilization to these technical specifics.
Sometimes the stabilization force is provided by gravity.
The EnLink Midstream companies, EnLink Midstream Partners, LP (the Partnership) and EnLink Midstream, LLC (the General Partner), plan to construct a 45-mile, 8-inch condensate pipeline and six natural gas compression and condensate stabilization facilities that will service major producer customers in the Utica Shale, including Eclipse Resources.
Endorphin Corporation has introduced the 340 TRI-CORE Balance and Stabilization Multistation, an exercise machine that combines three products into one space-saving multistation.

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