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The new automatic molding line will speed up production to bring in more high volume work, and the squeezer lines will stay to help the customers who need a method that is cost effective.
Designers have wok en up the fact that the kitchen is now the most important living room in the house so everything in it right down to the lemon squeezer should be seriously stylish as well as functional.
Eventually, Devereaux said, Amco plans to add new designs and materials to the line, but won't change the classic juice squeezers, discovered on the beach by Utensils of Mexico founder San White.
As they get starred on their path, the Fieldses, like Squeezers all across the nation have lessons to learn and investment strategies to master, One very important thing they're discovering is how to best tailor a portfolio that meets their preferences and style.
Created at the request of the exemplary Italian product manufacturer, Alessi, its unifunctional design offers little or no advantage over traditional squeezers. What the Juicy Salif does offer is a unique appearance at a less-than-competitive price ($75).
Combo-pack pouches of peanut butter and jelly are being marketed under the packer's trademarked name "SQUEEZERS."
Ferraro is manufacturing shrinking machines, calenders, squeezers, overturn-folding machines, unrolling-folding machines, rope openers and laser engraving to meet the requirements of finishing industry.
Just prior to the acquisition announcement, Rita's reported that it was launching Rita's Squeezers, the company's first-ever frozen novelty item specifically designed for consumers to take home and keep in their freezers., The first Rita's Squeezers(TM) will be the Swirlati, a mixture of Rita's Italian ice swirled together with rich and creamy vanilla custard.
Available in seven SKUs, including Freezer Peps, Jell Cups, Jell Tubes, Liquid Squeezers, Nipple Ready Singles, and Blue and Clear Blue Raspberry Liters.
I have no fewer than three lemon squeezers, one wooden torpedo contraption and two glass jobbies.
Subsequent growth included the acquisitions of the Wyler's trademark and Otter Pops, as well as the in-house development of such items as MONDO Fruit Squeezers. Product introductions this year include Wyler's Authentic Italian Ices, Wyler's 8 Quart Sugar Sweetened canisters and Fla-Vor-Ice ICEBERGS.