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An alternative course of action is to attack the terms within the square bracket.
Hence, the problem is to sign the expression inside the square brackets.
The job of removing all the square brackets from the text will probably be resumed early next year, with the goal of bringing something closer to a final draft back to another Conference of the Parties as soon as possible.
Thankfully, Das includes the signature references in square brackets within the body of the text itself, so it is possible to cite from the edition.
THE square brackets round the title show that it stands for Record.
It can be easily seen that the polynomial enclosed in the first square brackets fits the curve y(x) satisfying the given data, which is the Newton's forward difference interpolation formula.
Especially helpful to those who wish to correlate the translation with the French text is that the original page numbers to the 1612 edition are given in square brackets in the text.
But here's a site with a difference: [architecture and hygiene] (the square brackets seem to be part of the name) at www.
Put it in square brackets or highlight it in yellow.
Hengeveld and Mackenzie (Forthcoming) call these configurations of elements of equal importance EQUIPOLLENT, and square brackets are used to represent them.
html#Citation2, round and square brackets have a very important difference in legal citation: "Round brackets are used if the reporter series is not organised by year.