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The Lok Nayak Jai Prakash ( LNJP) Hospital has decided to use spycam pens to keep an eye on laidback staff, including doctors, and troublesome attendants of patients.
RANGERS officials with spycams on their heads will travel with fans to the club's Champions League match in Seville next week.
The ensuing media scandal prompts the hospital to hire techie Dilip (Bengali star Prosenjit Chatterjee) to install a security camera/computer system, thus introducing Dilip's world of PCs, spycams, modems and the like, all of which he tinkers with in his humble apartment.
MAIL TODAY goes shopping for spycams after CM Kejriwal tells m admi to expose corrupt
The team used 50 spycams to record 1,000 hours of footage, including firsts such as chick-napping by jealous single females.
The electronic media in India had been no stranger to spycams, but it takes a great amount of guts to stick your neck out and throw accusations of malpractice at the IPL -- very much an institution of the rich and famous in India at the moment.
She also promised that the "spycams" which are focused on Sparkbrook and Washwood Heath - two areas with large Muslim communities - would not now be installed in consultation with the Counter Terrorism Unit.
The show has ushered the use of spycams on national television.
Residents are angry after a network of around 150 hi-tech "spycams" was recently installed without consultation in Washwood Heath, Sparkbrook, Moseley and King's Heath.
As the spycams begin to probe Britain for terror suspects RUC chief constable Ronnie Flanagan vowed to catch the Ealing bombers.
Dibakar uses three parallel sub plots, a bunch of unknown actors and a hand- held digital camera to make his point: in this age of CCTV, camera phones, spycams, handycams and sting operations, just how private is private?
David Attenborough introduces a two-part journey across Tanzania's Serengeti and Kenya's Masai Mara which will rely on spycams to show more than one million wildebeest tackling everything from dust-storms to giant crocodiles.