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ANS West Coast Average Spot Prices for the last dozen years have
A combination of weak winter gas demand across key importing Asian countries, additional global production and lower oil prices have hit market sentiment with spot prices falling fast," said Ed Cox, editor at ICIS Energy.
The average spot price is based on about 10% of the super-chilled fuel bought by Japan.
Figure 16 demonstrates that the market expects the UK NBP spot price to remain relatively low, reflecting poor demand on the back of the eurozone crisis.
OUT OF THE MONEY (OTM) OPTION: An OTM call option is one where the strike price is more than the spot price.
The intrinsic value of a put option is the maximum of zero and the difference between the strike price and spot price, that is, Max ( 0, St- Sp).
11) The spot price p of electricity evolves according to the diffusion process
The AA said it is is watching the spot price to see if it is reflected here.
Speculators provide this insurance and buy futures, but they demand a futures price that is below the spot price expected to prevail at the maturity of the futures contract.
Morgan securities tells Purchasing Magazine that the first quarter spot price for virgin PET could decline by 7 cents.
The purchaser of a futures contract receives a payout if the spot price of oil turns out to be higher than the contracted futures price; he must give a payout if the spot price turns out to be lower.
Price Alert covers the following: Asia Polyethylene (PE): LDPE film, Spot Price, CFR China LLDPE film, Spot Price, CFR China Polypropylene (PP): PP Injection, Spot Price, CFR China PP Yarn (Raffia), Spot Price, CFR China