spot commodity

Spot commodity

A commodity that is traded with the expectation of actual delivery, as opposed to a commodity future that is usually not delivered.

Spot Commodity

A commodity traded on the current market. Spot commodities involve straightforward transactions; there is a buyer and a seller and the seller makes delivery of the commodity promptly when the transaction is settled. A spot commodity differs from a futures transaction, in which the buyer and seller agree to exchange the commodity at some point in the future.

spot commodity

A commodity that is available for immediate delivery.
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Summary: DME Auctions was launched in 2016 in a bid to provide a transparent spot commodity auction system for the first time in Mideast
On June 2, 2017, the Tianjin Precious Metals Exchange announced that it will adjust its spot commodity trading business in order to reduce trading risks.
(NASDAQ: YIN) has agreed to acquire 100% equity interest in China-based online spot commodity trading services provider Gold Master Company Ltd, the company said.
Also, a new spot commodity platform on mainland China will begin testing in the fourth quarter, Charles Li, chief executive of Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing's (HKEX), told a results presentation.
"Slashing capital expenditure and even cutting its dividend to zero are not sufficient for BHP to realistically retain a 'solid A' credit rating, if spot commodity prices and currencies persist," said Knights, who's the top ranked analyst covering BHP's London shares according to Bloomberg data.
Glencore said it will generate more than $2 billion of annual free cash flow at current spot commodity prices and that it will remain comfortably free cash flow positive even at materially lower prices.
The news is a significant show of support for the first spot commodity auction system in the Middle East.
Table 2 Three Largest Factor Loadings Within Each Category: Full Post- February 1964 Sample Consumer price indexes FRB Cleveland: Median CPI, -1.21 1-month percent change FRB Atlanta: Sticky CPI, 1.18 1-month percent change PCE chain-type price index, -1.18 market-based excluding food and energy Producer prices PPI: Final demand 1.02 PPI: Final demand goods 1.01 PPI: Final demand excluding 1.01 food and energy Commodity prices KR-CRB Spot Commodity Price 1.38 Index: All Commodities CRB Spot Raw Industrials Price 1.22 Index U.S.
The spot commodity exchange never declared any member as defaulter despite repeated instances of defaults, which is also one of the main reasons for the present crisis, sources added.
Financial Technologies will use the proceeds to repay debt after regulators shut down a spot commodity exchange it ran in India.
Based on these numbers the wells have an NPV of $US7.1m and show an Internal Rate of Return of ~100% with current spot commodity pricing.
The CRB spot commodity prices index is a measly 3% down from its peak, the high yield spread has opened up a little and the dollar, in trade weighted terms, has barely moved.