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ONE of Britain's oldest oaks has been made the subject of a protection order after it was split down the centre.
Because mercury injected into the lymph of cadavers revealed the other half of the known world, we leave the house & eat sushi on your birthday--eel, urchin & shrimp split down their spine as though in search of something.
One rifle-fired cartridge had split down the side, and another split about one third of its length in the middle, and all of them have a mark resembling a crack forming down their side.
Communities were split down the middle as some miners began to drift back to work after 12 months' protest against pit closures.
Industries were more or less split down the middle, pivoting of course round the ever unchanging consumer staples.
These are simple timber-frame sheds, split down their centre and pulled apart to provide light, ventilation and a shared entrance area.
The truth is that the region's councils are split down the middle and, significantly, have failed to make the case for road pricing to motorists and the business community.
Imagine a large wooden "pup tent," split down the middle (see below).
Financing for the series was split down the middle, says Stephen Chan, TVB general manager of broadcasting.
He said: "People are telling me this club is split down the middle but this display showed otherwise.
As a result, his upper lip and nose remained split down the middle.
The solution to the problem: sheet sets split down the middle and connected near the bottom by a square patch of fabric.