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Whatever the story, you can get a bottle of Chasse Spleen for between PS25 and PS40 depending on the vintage which is hardly much for his Lordship, but a touch extravagant for people without a butler.
Evolution of the CT imaging findings of accessory spleen infarction.
Our study documents the presence of 3 zoonotic Bartonella species in heart valves and/or spleen of free-ranging coyotes from northern California.
Coroner Andrew Barkley recorded a narrative verdict, stating: "Janice Simon died from the effects of a ruptured spleen.
Littoral cell angioma is a vascular lesion of the spleen arising from the littoral cells, which line the splenic sinuses.
What could have possibly led to splenic infarction in this patient is sudden enlargement of the spleen in response to overwhelming infection with subsequent hypoxic injury.
According to the study results, treatment was associated with reductions in spleen size and other disease symptoms in 31 randomized patients.
Medical advice shows he should have been vaccinated against several deadly diseases and given regular boosters, as having no spleen lowered his immune system.
Triple-phase CT is usually performed to differentiate pancreatic lesions, and the attenuation of accessory spleens in the pancreas is usually identical to that of the spleen in all three phases.
But his death certificate shows he died of abdominal bleeding due to a ruptured spleen.
Dr Scott, who carried out a postmortem examination, said Mr Kumar, known to friends and family as Sunny, died of a cardio-respiratory arrest after suffering a massive haemorrhage when his spleen ruptured.
His spleen has been removed, one kidney has been damaged and he needs major graft surgery," they said.