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Modeling of the spinal column is a difficult task so that the literature mentions only a few attempts to fulfill it [18-20].
Authors such as Andujar, and Santoja, (1996) make reference to some concepts that are defined as follows: correct posture: "posture that doesn't load either the spinal column or other element of the locomotor apparatus "; vicious posture: "posture that loads the bone, the tendon, the muscle, the vascular structures etc., by permanently deteriorating the body at the level of one or many elements and that mainly affects the spinal column"; harmonious posture: "posture that is the closest to the correct one and that can be achieved by any person, depending on the individual possibilities at each moment or stage of his life".
RESULTS: A total of 138 parturient were studied, and their measured spinal column lengths were between 42.2 cm and 68.6 cm.
The two case studies demonstrate feasibility of an endovascular strategy in the treatment of metastatic spinal column disease.
It happens, according to the National Institutes of Health, when the bony space at the back of the skull fails to develop to adequate size, forcing the cerebellum and the brain stem downward out of the skull, putting pressure on both the brain and the spinal column.
My aim is to explain why we need to take care of our backs by explaining the workings of the anatomy, especially the spinal column, and how it reacts to different workplace postures.
KARACHI -- Department of Neurosurgery at Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College in collaboration with World Spinal Column Society and Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons organized a 3-day comprehensive 'hands on' spine workshop from 3rd to 5th Feb 2011 at the Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College, Karachi.
The study focused on fetuses and newborns with myelomeningocele, the most common and severe form of spina bifida, in which the spinal cord bulges outside the spinal column. The condition can result in cognitive disabilities, fluid on the brain, bowel problems and paralysis.
assemble 28 chapters by neuroradiologists, radiologists, neurosurgeons, and neuropathologists from North America and Europe that detail imaging techniques for the spine that also address the paraspinal soft tissues, the normal anatomy of the spinal column and cord, age-related changes, degenerative disorders, normal vascularization, spinal ischemia and vascular malformations, trauma, tumors and cysts, metabolic disorders, inflammation and infection, preoperative mapping of pathology, intraoperative monitoring of physiology, vertebroplasty-kyphoplasty, and complications of surgery for decompressing spinal stenosis and disc disease.
Moeller and Reif (radiology, Caritas Hospital, Germany) present whole-body imaging and the temporomandibular joint first, followed by the spinal column and the upper and lower extremities.
Chiropractic treatment, which is an alternative form of healing, works on correcting the alignment of the vertebrae in the spinal column through physical therapy and manipulation of the vertebrae.
As reported in the Fall 2009 Spinal Column published by Shepherd Center, Delta donated airline seats and transfer chairs to Shepherd so occupational and recreational therapists can help people learn how to transfer from wheelchair to aircraft seat.