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Prentice, 46, bought the gun at a specialist shop and used it for target practice.
She's now faced with the prospect of sending the shoes to a specialist shop in London to have them fixed.
Why not a glass roofed shopping arcade (not a modern shopping mall) with space to provide pavement eating areas and specialist shop units rather than just the same old high street names?
A MERCEDES ploughed through the window of Cardiff's only home brew specialist shop yesterday, causing thousands of pounds of damage.
Specialist shop selling all kinds of Beatles merchandise, old and new.
A typical tea specialist shop is 20-35 sq.m., and simply furnished with a counter behind which are wooden shelves containing 5 lb metal tea tins with an assortment of approximately 150 varieties of tea.
Eagle Music Shop founder Steve Noon said: "As a UK banjo specialist shop, we are humbled and honoured to have reached such a recognised status in the banjo world, selling more banjos than any other retailer in the entire world.
popped into The Button specialist shop in Hampstead, North London, but left empty handedafter Jamie couldn't remember which ones he needed.
By RUKI SAYID, Consumer Editor PURE horse meat labelled as "diced beef" and imported from Hungary has been found at a market stall and a specialist shop.
At Virgin Records, when they first opened down by the bird cage, Pete Waterman had the upstairs for his specialist shop. My pals and I would rush from school on a Friday to go down there, because usually City player Dennis Mortimer and two or three of his team mates would be in the shop and it was a chance to rub shoulders with our heroes.
A secondary school uniform from a specialist shop costs on average pounds 64 for girls and pounds 55 for boys From a supermarket it would cost just pounds 30.

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