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This has led to fears schools, including several in our area, will lose their specialisms.
FIREARMS Dog: Ska Breed: German Shepherd with Czech bloodline Specialism: Firearms enhanced dog Age: Four Service: Two-and-a-half years About: Ska is the brother of police dog Stig who was stabbed in the face with a pair of scissors as he tried to help detain a man acting violently in front of police officers during an incident in Stirchley last month.
"Our specialism is enterprise as well as engineering and being entrepreneurial and working as a team was just as important as creating the end product."
"This academy will be unique combining business and enterprise specialisms and supported by both the Catholic Archdiocese and Church of England Diocese as well as the business community.
Kay Murray, school specialism leader for health, added: "As Milburn is Excelsior's health school, it felt like a natural fit for us to fundraise for Sport Relief.
As a recognised high performing 11-18 college, Bellerive has the unusual status of having been awarded three specialisms.
"Our academy's specialism is business and enterprise and the experience the students have had in creating this garden is at the heart of that specialism.
Through the arts specialism the school is aiming to raise standards by introducing creativity into the lessons.
Ms Gilbert said: "Across a range of subjects, inspectors reported that they visited some schools where there was little to suggest that specialism had made a difference in terms of the fundamentals of classroom teaching.
Each pupil at the schools will receive pounds 129 extra funding each year for four years, and the schools will get a pounds 100,000 grant for new facilities for their specialism.
No5 Chambers has been developing a specialism in financial services which is positioned to work with the ever-changing financial markets.