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SANTA CLARITA - The City Council will consider establishing a special tax bond to fund the creation of new parks and open space in Santa Clarita.
The financing combines both appropriation and special tax bond aspects.
Fitch caps most special tax bond ratings, including this excise tax bond rating, at the level of the GO rating.
With the capital plan in flux, Fitch views the projected debt service coverage levels as having more inherent uncertainty than is typical for a transit system special tax bond.
Bankruptcy Code, Fitch caps special tax bond ratings at the unlimited tax GO rating.
Fitch's Rating Criteria: In conformance with Fitch's special tax bond rating criteria, the 'A+' rating on the county's outstanding sales tax bonds can be no greater than that of the general obligation credit quality of the county.
Through this Request for Qualifications ( RFQ ) process, the City Attorney s Office of the City of San Jose (the City ) is seeking to establish a pool of qualified law firms to provide bond counsel and disclosure counsel services in connection with the issuance of various types of municipal bonds and other indebtedness, including without limitation, general obligation bonds, tax and revenue anticipation notes and/or bonds, lease revenue bonds, certificates of participation, commercial paper notes, special assessment bonds, multi-family housing bonds and community facility district (Mello-Roos) special tax bonds by or on behalf of the City.
Special tax bonds (including special assessment bonds) are a diverse group of municipal securities that often bear substantial risk for both issuers and investors, especially when they are payable from property taxes (or assessments) levied on undeveloped real estate to pay for infrastructure that is intended to serve the property.
5 million in outstanding debt from certificates of participation, special tax bonds and general obligation bonds.
The special tax bonds are secured by a tax levy on all taxable property in Omaha up to a limit of 2.
Such loans are used in certain types of land-based financings in some jurisdictions, such as tax assessment bonds or special tax bonds (e.
Pledged revenues provide amply for debt service on the special tax bonds, which have been issued for a well planned and monitored long-term transportation program.
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