special bid

Special bid

A method of purchasing a large block of stock on the NYSE by advertising a client's large buy order, and matching it up with a number of other traders' smaller sell orders.

Special Bid

A situation in which a member of the NYSE seeks to fill an order to buy a large number of shares by finding a series of smaller orders to sell the same shares. See also: Block trade.

special bid

A bid by an exchange member to fill an order to buy a block of a security. The member generally must find a number of sellers to accrue the required amount of the security.
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It really was a special bid - from a city with great pedigree in bringing people together and staging stunning showpiece events.
He said that the project will be offered in a special bid by the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), due to EGPC's jurisdiction in the Western Desert.
Nobby Mashimo, Japan Rugby Football Union chairman, said: "This is a special bid as it is a bid for rugby in Asia.
Lexmark Select PartnerThis level allows partners to have access to special bid conditions, exclusive price promotions, discounted demo equipment, sales and marketing materials, online technical support.
The auction for concession licenses, in a Public Special Bid to Award the Band 2668-2692 MHZ (province of Lima, Callao, Trujillo, Department of Lambayeque) and Band 2668-2690 MHZ in the entire National Territory, will be carried out by the Agencia de Promocin de la Inversin Privada (ProInversin) in Peru.
The event was organised by community support officer Kerry Hudspith, who made a special bid to make use of the horses for an afternoon.
The block on prices applies to all areas of the ground, and in a special bid to attract more youngsters the tariff for junior tickets in the Floors-2-Go Lower Tier has plummeted from pounds 159 to pounds 115.
For each product shown, the system displays a Catalist framework price and a best private sector price, which includes a pre-agreed margin plus special bid opportunity.
This includes a pre-agreed margin, special bid and virtual warehousing visibility with stock availability, enabling users to make a purchasing choice for best practice IT and best value.
This support will be available as a special bid under IBM Global Services' SupportLine for Microsoft Windows and SupportLine for Linux, providing customers with single, integrated support services for eServer systems, VMware ESX Server software and operating systems.
To make sure your money is kept safe you'll get a special Bid 'n' Win collector wallet inside your Daily Record tomorrow.
The program, which is available on a special bid basis from IBM, provides the B1 level of security required by the US Department of Defense.

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