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An investment with an exceptionally high risk. Speculators may invest in a start-up company or in a volatile commodity. These risks carry the possibility of very high returns. Speculators often trade actively and many have hedging strategies to reduce their risks. See also: Hedge fund.


Speculative; built without a purchaser or a tenant, but in anticipation of securing one when the project is completed.

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BUSINESS: Spec Print SVCS: Personal, Stamps, Sweeps, Tokens CHARGE: Per M SPEC: Cat, Fund, Fin Svcs, Publ INFO: Broc, Smpl
When you build a spec home, you make those decisions.
BUSINESS: Spec Print SVCS: Cpns, Personal, Items, Sweeps, Tokens CHARGE: CPM; MIN: No min SPEC: Cons, Bus, Cat.
We're delighted that SPEC has refreshed its OpenMP-based benchmark suite to reflect our latest standard," says Michael Wong, CEO of the OpenMP ARB.
com for complete information about SPEC Engineering's capabilities.
Richard Holesinger, county materials engineer, informally presented his draft spec.
Anyone interested in attending the kick-off meeting or participating in the handheld working group should contact SPEC at corporate@spec.
The essay spec for t-butyl perbenzoate, for example, is "98% minimum"; but now the target is 99%.
Organizations or individuals interested in helping develop this benchmark can contact the SPEC office: phone: +1.
2, from the moment they begin testing to the reporting of results," says Jeff Reilly, SPEC CPU subcommittee chair.
The SPEC Research Group is designed to encourage exchange among representatives from industry, academia and research institutes.