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An investment with an exceptionally high risk. Speculators may invest in a start-up company or in a volatile commodity. These risks carry the possibility of very high returns. Speculators often trade actively and many have hedging strategies to reduce their risks. See also: Hedge fund.


Speculative; built without a purchaser or a tenant, but in anticipation of securing one when the project is completed.

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BUSINESS: Spec Print SVCS: Personal, Stamps, Sweeps, Tokens CHARGE: Per M SPEC: Cat, Fund, Fin Svcs, Publ INFO: Broc, Smpl
When you build a spec home, you make those decisions.
BUSINESS: Spec Print SVCS: Cpns, Personal, Items, Sweeps, Tokens CHARGE: CPM; MIN: No min SPEC: Cons, Bus, Cat.
com for complete information about SPEC Engineering's capabilities.
Richard Holesinger, county materials engineer, informally presented his draft spec.
The essay spec for t-butyl perbenzoate, for example, is "98% minimum"; but now the target is 99%.