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Long-lasting chocolate and sour cherry flavour that pleasantly lingers in the mouth for a while after drinking.
To assemble the nutmeg and sour cherry fingers, make a deep slit lengthways in the top of the bread fingers.
S and Germany are the world leading sour cherry producers by annually producing more than 200,000 tons of the fruit.
For the sour cherry curd: Bring cherry puree, juice, port and sugar
Formed in 1974, Norfolk Cherry is the largest sour cherry processor in Canada.
So head to your local supermarket and butchers to find delicious, fresh and frivolous lines, such as Heston Blumenthal's duck and sour cherry sausages, (pounds 2.
Chokablok is being rolled out in five flavors that include Billionaires Shortcake, a caramel ice cream with chunks of caramel fudge, chocolate covered shortcake and swirls of caramel sauce; Cookie Dough Mon-Star, featuring chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and real chocolate stars drowned in caramel sauce; Gold Digger Dynamite, with chunks of honeycomb, chocolate caramel cups and caramel sauce mixed into caramel and vanilla ice creams; Cherry Brown Bomb, a cherry ice cream with cherry sauce, sweetened sour cherry pieces, brownie pieces, and dark chocolate flakes; and The Chocolate Extremist made with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, brownie pieces, and milk chocolate coated malt cereal balls.
Meanwhile, the nation's frozen blackberry stocks are lower than last year's level and frozen sour cherry inventories have almost run out after three price hikes during the season.
The product is available in such flavors as sour cherry and blue raspberry, and the company said it contains two grams of sugar and no high fructose corn syrup.
Medicine dispensing cups from KidKupZ come with all-natural fruit-flavored rims that are available in kid-friendly flavors such as sour cherry and blue raspberry.
The company developed several new products in 2009, including Norwegian-style and mixed olive breads, an energy-boosting seeded cracker and a sour cherry loaf.
It relies less on power and more on finesse, drifting toward red fruits (dark or sour cherry, raspberry) rather than the black fruits of Cabernet.