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Screen Stocks

To investigate stocks for potential investment according to a predetermined set of criteria. For example, an investor may screen stocks according to the lowest price, the most market capitalization, the most favorable price-earnings ratio, or any number of other variables. One may also combine criteria while screening stocks. The process is designed to help one make the best investment decisions, and is often accomplished with the help of a computer.


To examine various securities with the goal of selecting a limited number that meet certain predetermined requirements. For example, an investor might screen all electric utilities for stock that offers a dividend yield of 8% or more and a price-earnings ratio of 8 or less.


A screen is a set of criteria against which you measure stocks or other investments to find those that meet your criteria.

For example, you might screen for stocks that meet a certain environmentally or socially responsible standard, or for those with current price-to-earnings ratios (P/E) less than the current market average.

A socially responsible mutual fund describes the screens it uses to select investments in its prospectus.

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SunBlox Solar Screens block sunlight before it hits windows and enters the building.
The company, which also has four production staff based at its manufacturing site, already operates on an international scale with a network of agents around the globe selling its range of products including solar screens, privacy blinds, window wipers and navigational products for seafarers and the firm boasts a collection of international clients including influential marine architects and airport control towers.
In every market, you'll find features that are special to that area - like glass block windows or solar screens - and regional words that locals use to describe home features, such as lanai and hearth room," said Jed Kolko, Trulia's Chief Economist.
Upgrades entitled to incentives include : Replacing of air conditioning system; Insulation improvement; Duct sealing or replacement; Building envelope improvements; Windows; Water heaters; Solar screens.
Eco-friendly home shading options--like landscape shading, blinds, outdoor awnings, window-tinting films, solar screens and solar shades--eliminate interior warming by stopping the sun's rays before they pass through the window, thus reducing the need for A/C altogether.