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Technical Analyst

A person who engages in technical analysis, especially professionally. Technical analysts use statistics to determine trends in security prices, and make or recommend investment decisions based on those trends. They do not attempt to determine the intrinsic value of securities, but instead focus on matters such as trade volume, demand, and volatility. Technical analysts often evaluate short-term trends almost exclusively, which is both a strength and a weakness in their analysis. They are sometimes called chartists because of the importance charts have in technical analysis. See also: Fundamental analysis.


A person who uses technical analysis to determine the selection and timing of security purchases and sales. Also called market technician. Compare fundamentalist. See also chartist.
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Google software technicians are building on existing technologies in voice recognition and automatic translation to create a phone application that would be able translate a foreign language almost instantly.
With this service, users have access to Smiths Detection's scientists for data interpretation as well as to hardware and software technicians for responses to operating questions.
There's always been a certain amount of disassembly, but we also clean hard drives or use certified software technicians to remove software imprints on telecommunications equipment," says Greenberg.
Inside these companies, artists and craftsmen, welders and machinists, carpenters and electricians, computer engineers and software technicians work side by side advancing the art of filmmaking, providing technical support and special effects.
We believe that the combination of the two companies will further drive growth as our readers and tags will be the best in the market and our support system of engineers, database and software technicians will enable our customers and AID customers to quickly adopt the technology into their businesses.

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