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(6-8) Research done at NAVAIR FRCSE shows that virtual applications eliminate unnecessary costs as operating systems change; isolate software from potential hardware obsolescence; reduce fleet hardware footprint by cohabitating multiple software products on a single platform; reduce software conflicts; block user access to restricted executables; provide streamlined configuration management; require no installation; reduce cyberattack surface through isolation of the just-enough operating system; enable continued operation of known good software; and much more.
Broadband lag and software conflicts make virtual private networks or VPNs obsolete in today's fast-paced world.
DevAssistant A developer helper, DevAssistant automates the setup process for a large number of language runtimes and integrated development environments (IDEs); DevAssistant also integrates with Fedora Software Collections, offering access to multiple versions of different languages without worrying about system software conflicts.
You don't have to deal with messy drivers and software conflicts or worry about virus protection , either.

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