soft landing

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Soft landing

A term describing a growth rate high enough to keep the economy out of recession, but also slow enough to prevent high inflation and interest rates.
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Soft Landing

A situation in which a central bank raises interest rates gradually, but steadily, to curb inflation, while still attempting to keep the economy out of a recession. A hard landing is generally effective at reducing inflation, but it slows down growth. However, soft landings are considered more desirable than allowing inflation to run amok, which could necessitate a hard landing.
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soft landing

A slowing of economic growth that avoids a recession and the accompanying high unemployment. The Federal Reserve may pursue a restrictive monetary policy to achieve a soft landing when the economy has been expanding at an unsustainable rate.
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With the soft-landing scenario looking increasingly likely, the Fed's focus shifts to sustaining the expansion.
In Oxford Economics' EM soft-landing scorecard gauging emerging markets' potentials to weather any global economic slowdown, India posted the highest score of 3.45 out of five, followed by the Philippines with 3.44.
"The Soft-Landing Program works closely with Badir 5 incubators across the kingdom who have experience in assisting overseas companies with market feasibility and market orientation in Saudi Arabia.
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Compared to those other two countries, which have successfully conducted 13 soft-landings on the moon, China's soft-landing mission designed the suspension and obstacle-avoiding phases to survey the landing area much more precisely through fitted detectors, scientists said.
should embrace the soft-landing scenario as harboring the best chance for political liberalization.
NFU Cymru has joined with 11 other farming organisations to lobby for a soft-landing on CAP reform.
Earlier this month the Chinese government announced a $150bn stimulus package in an attempt to provide a soft-landing for the domestic construction industry.
"Yet these latest proposals would wash away any effect the quota regime soft-landing provisions provide for dairy farms.
Maybe, but this sounds like a soft-landing theory to me, and we all know what happened to the projected and wished- for soft landing in house prices.
October;1967: Venus 4 Soviet spacecraft made first soft-landing on Venus and sent back scientific information.