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Durable Merchandise

Consumer products designed and intended to last longer than three years. Some examples of durable merchandise, such as cars, are expensive, while others, such as forks and knives, are not. Companies that produce durable merchandise can be volatile, as their profits fluctuate according to how often their customers need more of their products. Durable merchandise is also called consumer durables or durable goods.

durable good

a CONSUMER GOOD, such as a motor car, and CAPITAL GOOD, such as a machine, that is used up over relatively long periods of time rather than immediately.


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According to KSA, "Any modest gain in soft goods consumption (next year) will be spread thinly over a constantly expanding retail universe.
Citing apparel, hosiery and footwear manufacturers' concerns over faster response and inventory management, plus an "explosion" of SKUs due to more products and merchandise classifications in soft goods, the report says that "most suppliers in the system are just beginning to adjust to their new roles as keepers of their customers' inventories.
The acquisition adds important mass to our soft goods franchise, with significant manufacturing and distribution synergies.
The contracts encompass a three-year extension agreement for cold therapy, a new three-agreement for sports bracing and a new three year agreement for soft goods.
Dollar Tree, the largest single-price-point retailer in the country, is seeking locations in centers anchored by discount department stores or soft goods retailers.
Expectations for growth in 2001 across soft goods categories are guardedly positive," the report said.
Take Wang Taiching, who owns and operates Disposable Soft Goods, Zhongshan, China, a small disposable baby diaper manufacturer in China's fastest growing region.
soft goods and pain management (including cold therapy and pain infusion pumps)
10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Exactflat is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of ExactFlat OnLine, a ground-breaking productivity solution for soft goods manufacturers delivered through the cloud.
The phased soft goods renovation will include new headboards, bedding, carpet, wall covering, window treatments, upholstery, lighting, and artwork package.
Most manufacturers have programs where they can guide the dealer in promoting soft goods," Bernstine said.
99% on new and existing garments and soft goods against the most dangerous bacteria of our time.