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Andrew Voysey, Director of Finance Sector Platforms at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership declared: The BEI has been pleased to work with BNP Paribas for over a year as a non-member bank that adopted the BEI s Soft Commodities Compact with the Consumer Goods Forum.
Ian Wright, chief business officer of DGCX, said: "Sanjeev Vohra's expertise and knowledge will be a key asset in our efforts to develop our offerings in soft commodities, a sector that is a vital part of our portfolio expansion strategy.
Whether it be oil, for minerals or for soft commodities, Africa should not just focus on export volumes and inter-regional trade but also focus on extracting more value from its commodities before they leave port.
5% in December) on the back of the hike in excise duties on alcohol, elevated soft commodities prices, which triggered price hikes in retail on a broad range of food products (bread, pasta, milk and dairy products), and the acceleration of vegetable and fruit prices on the back of an unfavourable base effect.
April 16 2010 -- China Agri-Industries Holdings is likely to benefit from an expected uptrend in soft commodities prices, an analyst has said.
As a long term investment there may be some merit in diversifying a portfolio by having a small part invested in soft commodities, but there is more potential in "hard" commodities like metals or oil as supply of these is absolutely limited.
Breakout Sessions Covering: Food Grains, Soybeans/Meal, Feed Grains, Cotton, Vegetable Oils, Transportation, Soft Commodities, Cattle/Beef, Hogs/Pork, Poultry, Dairy
Soft commodities have already moved through the high price/increased supply/downward correction cycle the banks predicts for grains and oilseeds in 2013, and soft commodities have fallen to levels Rabobank deems as fair value.
Patrick Eberhardt has lots of experience in the structuring, securing and court enforcement of trade finance transactions in the oil and gas, metals and soft commodities sectors.
Elevated soft commodities prices continue to push inflation higher, while core inflation remained restrained amid modest consumer activity and favourable FX pass-through.
Asia's biggest commodities groups are turning to Africa for growth as they hunt for raw materials and expand beyond Asian markets driven by China's demand for soft commodities and food.
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