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Let me call back to the desolate gardens the fair forms that are gone, and their soft voices blessing you will bring to your breast a never failing joy.
"We lead," said they, "a dreary life in the cold earth; the flower-roots are dead, and no soft dews descend for us to drink, no little seed or leaf can we find.
And Violet said, Yes; so day after day they labored to make a pathway through the frozen earth, that she might reach the roots of the withered flowers; and soon, wherever through the dark galleries she went, the soft light fell upon the roots of flowers, and they with new life spread forth in the warm ground, and forced fresh sap to the blossoms above.
The rough floor was spread with deep green moss, and over wall and roof grew flowery vines, filling the air with their sweet breath; while above played the clear, soft light, casting rosy shadows on the glittering drops that lay among the fragrant leaves; and beneath the vines stood Violet, casting crumbs to the downy little moles who ran fearlessly about and listened as she sang to them.
Flowering vines folded their soft leaves around the trees, making green pillars of their rough trunks.
Then, amid a burst of wild, sweet music, the Frost-King placed the Flower crown on his head, and knelt to little Violet; while far and near, over the broad green earth, sounded the voices of flowers, singing their thanks to the gentle Fairy, and the summer wind was laden with perfumes, which they sent as tokens of their gratitude; and wherever she went, old trees bent down to fold their slender branches round her, flowers laid their soft faces against her own, and whispered blessings; even the humble moss bent over the little feet, and kissed them as they passed.
When Jane awoke, she did not at first recall the strange events of the preceding day, and so she wondered at her odd surroundings--the little leafy bower, the soft grasses of her bed, the unfamiliar prospect from the opening at her feet.
The man heard the soft scraping of the body as it passed over the top of the palisade, and then silence.
During operation, over 12000 bottles fake soft drinks, thousands of empty bottles and raw material use in manufacturing soft drinks were seized.
Then a soft set [F.sub.A] over Z is represented by a set-valued function [[zeta].sub.A], where [[zeta].sub.A] : E [right arrow] P(Z) such that [[zeta].sub.A]([theta]) = 0 if [theta] [member of] E - A.
The subsequent chapter provides an overview of India's foreign policy and how the country incorporated different elements of soft power into its foreign and domestic politics.
The term "soft power" a the ability to affect others by attraction and persuasion rather than the hard power of coercion and payment a is sometimes used to describe any exercise of power that does not involve the use of force.