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1. To perform a task, especially in exchange for compensation or the potential for profit. Working is necessary for any economy to function.

2. See: Job.
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see JOB.
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This lack of trust or ignorance is creating a vacuum for the professional growth and development of social work as profession.
Faye Wilson, centre, at the House of Commons with chief social worker for adults, Lyn Romeo, right, and Michelle <BSmith, of The College of Social Work
Historical approaches to the process of moving recent social work graduates to independent licensure involved decentralization of the duty to our Army hospitals.
The growing interest in global social work has been building both abroad and domestically as evidenced by international courses and specializations offered at schools in Europe, Australia, and Canada, in addition to the United States, and exchange projects reaching every continent.
For example, they suggest that social work "embraced Freudian psychology in the 1920s." (230) However, a careful and thorough analysis of both literature and practice sources (1972) demonstrates that this is a mistaken belief and that in fact the influence of Freudian psychology was marginal at best and clearly located outside the mainstream of social work practice.
News & World Report rankings were highly correlated with the number of articles published by social work program faculty over a nearly four-year period preceding the rankings (r = .78, p < .001), doctoral program admission rates (r = -.36, p < .01), and MSW (r = -.38, p < .01) and PhD (r = -.42, p < .01) program longevity.
Building on ideas derived from the civil rights, national identity, and feminist struggles of the 1960s, the work of these and other community practice social work authors began to explicitly link the concept of self-determination with the idea of power.
The respondents in this study suggested that social work needs to look beyond the traditional micro or macro dichotomy and work to address the negative impacts of globalization.
There is also concern about trends where other professions are providing social services without the benefit of full social work training, such as when nurses are asked to serve as patient advocates, according to Batiste-Roberts.
Dr Naqeeb Hussain Shah, Chairman Department of Social Work and Sociology, Kohat University of Science and Technology, Kohat spoke over the Social Work in relation to Personality Development and how personality drives a person in achieving his mental growth.

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