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1. To perform a task, especially in exchange for compensation or the potential for profit. Working is necessary for any economy to function.

2. See: Job.




see JOB.
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The Army's ultimate goal is for all social work graduates to achieve independent licensure in 2 years.
The global and interdisciplinary concept of well-being and the importance of its integration into both domestic and international social work practice is discussed by Dorothy Gamble in "Well-Being in a Globalized World: Does Social Work Know How to Make it Happen?
Despite some of these shortcomings this book is an extremely valuable contribution to social work literature in Canada.
Whereas prior studies and rankings have compared graduate social work programs with each other across a range of quality indices, this editorial represents a first attempt to compare these programs with non--social work professional schools and academic departments across selected dimensions.
Since self-determination was now deemed to be a product of client emancipation rather than social recognition, older social work approaches to the development of self-determination were now criticized by many in the profession as encouraging clients to seek the ideal of autonomy but providing no means to achieve it (Fook, 2002; Simon, 1994).
Betty Ruth, MPH, MSW, a clinical associate professor at Boston University School of Social Work, is one of five Section members helping Keefe develop the book.
More of them are going straight from college to advanced degree programs in social work, rather than working for a few years first as they had in the past.
9-11: International Social Work Conference: Boston College Graduate School of Social Work; socialwork.
This paper focused on how various teaching methods reduced anxiety in social work students (N=13) taking a statistics course.
Modern Social Work Practice: Teaching and Learning in Practice Settings.
The history of this publication began in 1975 with a special call for papers on social work and the health field, publicized in the March 1975 issue of Social Work.

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